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The Manuli Ryco Group Principles of Ethics

The Manuli Ryco Group and its subsidiaries adopted a “Code of Ethical Conduct” that addresses ethical commitment and responsibilities of directors, managers, employees, and collaborators when handling business and company activities.

In addition to Ethical Code, the Manuli Ryco Group has also adopted:

•. the “Organisational, Management and Control Model”, a system of rules defined in observance of the Italian Legislative Decree No 231/2001, to respond to the duty to prevent and avoid commission of some typologies of crimes and thus to organise itself in an adequate manner for such purpose; contents and rules have been extended also to non-Italian subsidiaries with “The Guidelines of Organisational Management and Control Model for the Manuli Ryco Group”;

• the “Anti-Corruption Code”, complementary with all the above-mentioned documents, to deter and combat corruption practises, both in the public and in the private sectors, in the course of the Manuli Ryco Group’s business activity.

MH Procurement Statement

Manuli Hydraulics is focused on achieving excellence through the continuous improvement of products, processes, systems, and practices, and this is reflected in our efforts to conduct business with Suppliers that are also committed to the excellence, not only in terms of their capabilities and performance (quality, delivery, cost, etc.) but also with respect to their adhesion to world-class standards.

Manuli Hydraulics Purchasing organisation aims to design, develop and implement procurement best practices, identifying and enlisting the best Suppliers and setting advanced requirements and objectives, while embracing the Company’s core values and supporting the Group’s strategies and plans.

•. As stated by the United Nations Global Compact, supply chains are one of the most important levers for business to advance human rights including labour rights, climate resilience, environmental protection, inclusive economic growth, and ethical business practices.

•. We expect that our Suppliers’ business conduct strictly complies with applicable laws and regulations and require that supplied products and services are produced or performed in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner, according to relevant international standards and expectations.

•. Also, we strongly encourage Suppliers to establish business relations based on integrity, honesty, professionalism, diligence, correctness, and accuracy, as the essential foundations for a mutually beneficial, long-lasting cooperation.

Global Supply Standards

Core values, objectives and requirements are reported in detail in our Supplier Requirement Manual (SRM), a set of documents whose purpose is to provide guidance to our strategic Suppliers and business Partners on how to meet Manuli Hydraulics & RYCO requirements and expectations regarding responsible and sustainable business standards, continuous improvement, and strategic integration.

•. As a pre-requisite for doing and maintaining business with us, we require our Suppliers to fully respect and thoroughly apply legal, ethical, social, and environmental standards that we deem to be essential to ensure a responsible and sustainable value chain management (see SRM PART 1 – Global Supply Standards).
•. Then, we demand that our Suppliers comply with the business-specific operational requirements that are requested to establish an effective and consistent cooperation (see SRM PART 2 – Business-specific Requirements)
•. Moreover, we encourage our Suppliers to aim for the advanced requirements that we have defined to enable the cooperation to evolve further to the highest standards and practices (Advanced Requirements for value chain integration).
•. Lastly, but also importantly, we encourage our Suppliers to promote the same principles and requirements within their own supply chains and networks.

MH & RYCO Global Supply Standards is a Supplier Code of Conduct that reports what we expect from our value chain with regards to human rights, working conditions, health and safety, environment, and other topics concerning sustainable and responsible business practices.

Compliance to our Global Supply Standards is essential – and therefore subjected to careful consideration and regular monitoring – for Strategic Suppliers, but they also apply as much as practicable to all companies who wish to start, maintain, and develop a long-term business relationship with MH & RYCO throughout the world.

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