Traditional hydraulic hoses have a rubber cover which has a spiral imprint in the surface left over from the vulcanisation process. This is typically referred to as a “wrapped cover”, introduced in the early 1990’s it has, over many decades of use, proven itself to be incredibly effective. Manuli has historically used this cover type and continues to stand by it as an excellent solution for general use across the majority of hose families.

However, technologies are always evolving and, following repeated requests from the market, we have decided to migrate some of our premium small- and medium-bore hoses to smooth covers.

The new smooth cover hoses provide an attractive new look and maintain all the important characteristics of the traditional covers, from abrasion and ozone resistance to overall diameter, weight and fitting solution. They also have identical compliance with international standards and the same high-quality of construction.

Why use a smooth cover hose?

Smooth cover hoses provide the following main features:

  • Pleasant aesthetic appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • Low friction when in contact with pulleys, rollers and when used in bundles
  • Easy identification of high-performance hose lines
  • Cover does not absorb oil, making leak identification in the field easier

In future catalogue releases the smooth cover option will become the standard entry for the GoldenISO/14 Pilot, GoldenISO/21 AW, GoldenISO/28 AW, ForeMaster/21, ForeMaster/28, Infinity and Synergy hose families in sizes up to and including DN 25 (1”).

Our distribution hub in Poland will only supply smooth cover hoses. Areas supplied by our Asia hub will continue to receive wrapped cover hoses for a limited period of time. The relevant ordering codes can be found below:

Download the full announcement here.