As the world’s leading supplier of integrated hydraulic connector solutions, Manuli Hydraulics has always been focused on ensuring that hose assembly operations can be carried out easily, accurately and consistently regardless of the size of the assembly operation. The launch of the EVO modular range of benchtop crimpers was widely received as a huge step forwards in this respect due to the flexibility and choice the modular system provides, ensuring that there is always a level of crimper ideally suited to the scale of your operation.

One of the major features of the EVO range is the ability to choose between 3 different levels of control: SC for small scale, infrequent use; SCE for small to medium operations; and SCS for large volume OEM level assembly operations.

Of these three control systems it is undoubtedly the SCE system that offers the best performance and value for all but the very smallest and the largest scales of operations.

The SCE module offers a significant step up from the basic SC module with regards to automation, ease of use, quality control and mistake-proofing, whilst still maintaining a price-point on a similar level with the SC module version.

In addition to all the relevant features of the SC module machine, the SCE module offers:
  Touch screen control with easy-to-use user interface
  Editable die-set list and programmed interaction with online crimp-data
  25 user defined assembly setups with BOMs and latest crimp-correction data
  Digital caliper connection for automated crimp-correction

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