As the world’s leading supplier of integrated hydraulic connector solutions our hose assemblies meet the highest standards of safety, quality and durability. This can only be achieved by ensuring that every hose assembly is made to the same exacting standard, and with the correct dimensions and tolerances used.

The Manuli Hydraulics Crimping Booklet is the master document for providing this data.

Containing the most recent crimping data for every Manuli-approved hose and fitting combination, the Crimping Booklet is possibly the most critical document for any assembly operation which uses the Manuli hose and fittings range.

The crimping booklet gives details of all the Manuli approved crimping solutions as follows:

Fitting Solution Description
Standard 1 These crimping solutions are suitable for light- through to heavy-duty applications and are the preferred fitting solution for OEM assemblers.
Standard 2

No-skive fitting solutions designed in both one- and two-piece fitting types.


Alternative crimping solutions are available on some hose families according to Manuli Hydraulics design experience and filed validations.

In addition, we also provide large format wall-charts for our Standard 1 and Standard 2 crimping solutions, which make finding the data you need quick and simple in a workshop environment.

This update of the Crimping Data has also been reflected in our Online and Mobile Crimping Apps and on our SCS system.

Machine users with SCS systems will be contacted directly by a member of our Machine’s Division in order to ensure that their system is successfully updated with the new crimping values.


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