Manuli Hydraulics is proud to announce a new chapter in the company’s history. We have taken decades of experience producing some of the most robust and reliable high-pressure rubber hoses and transferred that expertise to the development of hoses for industrial conveying applications.

We have a long and enviable history in the field of fluid power connector solutions, where our hydraulic connectors are widely used by many of the most well-known OEMs around the world, due to their exceptionally high quality, reliability and performance.

The Manuli Conveying Hose range is not just a simple addition to the already extensive range of Manuli rubber hoses, but is a product sector in and of itself. We offer several different hose types dedicated to conveying specific fluids and materials, with each and every hose tailored to suit the challenges of that particular application.

Our in-house team of material engineers have developed some of the most advanced synthetic rubber compounds available to modern science, while our team of design engineers have ensured that the hose structures provide the perfect blend of pressure resistance, flexibility and mechanical strength required for each specific application.

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