Designed specifically for mobile maintenance vans and on-site repairs, the MRV 137 EVO R
is a compact, ergonomically designed crimping machine which features an adjustable
head for maximum ease of use. The rotating crimping head can be positioned vertically,
horizontally or any position in between thanks to its innovative design and tool-free locking

Suitable for 4 wire-spiral hoses up to 1¼” the MRV 137 EVO R is a versatile addition to any lowmedium
volume mobile repair and maintenance operation. The MRV 137 EVO R can be supplied
with an optional ergonomic quick-change gun for die installation and removal, and can also be
fitted with an optional die storage panel making it even more efficient to use.

The MRV 137 EVO R also has a wide range of die-sets available, ranging from size 6 through to
size 51. Available die-set sizes correspond with the sizes listed in the official Manuli Hydraulics
crimping charts, helping to ensure error-free crimping of Manuli hoses and fittings.

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