Manuli Hydraulics has a long history of working closely with major global OEMs to develop hydraulic connector solutions that deliver outstanding performance, reliability and durability in the most demanding applications. Over the years Manuli’s ethos of continual product development and improvement has resulted in the creation of some of the most robust, high-performance hoses on the market.

INFINITY, the new OEM focused hose family from Manuli Hydraulics, has been specifically developed to suit the high performance demands of these equipment types with long-lasting, reliable service. With ever-increasing demands on the hydraulic connectors used, the next generation of OEM hoses needs to be able to significantly over-perform versus the applicable standards. The Infinity hose family not only meets the requirements of SAE 100R16, EN 857 2SC and ISO 11237 2SC, but actually surpasses them by a wide margin, meaning that equipment fitted with Infinity hoses can be run harder for longer.

Infinity, like the majority of Manuli’s hoses, has a Nitrile Rubber (NBR) tube, meaning that it is equally at home being used with Environmentally Safe hydraulic fluids as it is with other, more traditional fluids, meaning that OEMs can rest assured that they can meet their environmental commitments without sacrificing the quality or longevity of their hydraulic hoses.


  • Robust 2WB compact construction for outstanding pressure rating far exceeding the 2SC norm across the entire range
  • Available in sizes DN 6 to DN 25 according to traditional hose arrangement methodology
  • 121°C maximum continuous temperature resistance, exceeding the specification 2SC
  • Long service life in severe applications, due to the unique rubber compounds and high fatigue resistance of the hose structure
  • High flexibility, low bend radius and compact dimensions make it an ideal solution for difficult routings
  • Wide chemical compatibility with modern Environmentally Safe hydraulic oils (HETG, HEPG, HEES & HEPR), due to Nitrile (NBR) based tube
  • High environmental and abrasion resistance
  • Fire extinguishing property (MSHA approval)
  • Skive and no-skive fitting solutions available – skive solution is advised for maximum reliability

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