Corrosion of fittings can have severely damaging effects on the life and reliability of hose assemblies. In cases where fittings are becoming corroded at an unacceptable rate, ISO/TS 17165-2:2018 recommends upgrading the fittings to ones with an alternative plating material suitable for the environment in which they will be used.

Manuli’s standard E-Coat 500 plating is a first-class, long lasting solution which offers up to 500 hours to red rust in standard salt-spray tests, versus the required minimum of 144 hours as per SAE J516 (ISO 9227 method).

But Manuli have upped their game even further and can now offer the new E-Coat 1000 plating, which offers double the corrosion resistance of standard E-Coat 500 plating with minimal cost increase.

E-Coat 1000 offers:

  • High resistance in crimped conditions eg: ferrules and crimped back nuts
  • Enhanced performance of corrosion resistance compared to the standard E-Coat 500 plating (over 1,000 hours before red corrosion in standard salt spray test conditions ASTM B117 and ISO 9227)
  • Higher resistance to abrasion and handling than standard plating
  • Full compliance with the European Directives REACh 1907/2006/EC, RoHS 2011/65/EC, ELV 2000/53/EC
  • E-Coat 1000 is available as an option on all Manuli hydraulic fittings and flat-face quick couplings

E-Coat 1000 plating is the optimum solution for applications in severe environments and for demanding OEM specifications. It also offers even longer durability in standard hydraulic applications.

Find out more – download the E-Coat 1000 brochure here